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Chuck Strangers x Issa Gold - Peaceful (Lyrics)


"Chuck Strangers x Issa Gold - Peaceful (Lyrics)"

So much to enjoy (?) peaceful
Life takes on new meaning

[Chuck Strangers]
Young, black, handsome, tryna survive
Only worry 'bout mine
Friends come and go, casualties of the crime
I got dollars on my mind
Broke, hungry, and crime

Yo we juggin' out of hunger 'bout to cross that line
Yo we runnin' out of options, it's about that time
I slick ball on niggas bro

I rock my Gucci belt to Trader Joe's
Fake ass smiles and white folks they got it criminals
San Diego with some cougar bitches down at (?)

They impressed with my gold fronts
Unless we talking p*ssy, my heart really give no fucks
Cause I know that I can bone
I called the iso on the friend zone

And besides, I'm from the 34th side of things
And Flatbush niggas be knowing that they kings
(What they be doing?)
Eating calamari, play Atari, ride Ferrari
All for my hobby, just rhyming in my building lobby

[Issa Gold]
(?) wit inside of me
(?) up out the concrete
Waking up to sirens, trying to dodge the firemen
The (?) grinding (?) pass it off to Simon
Went to gripping heat to awards up on the mantle piece
Committing petty robberies, my (?) inside of me
Police find (?)

Had to take a plea for three years to dodge the felony
Went from eating Top Ramen noodles in the backyard
To giving mental gifts to the people, conscience stand tall
Coupe zoomin' down the Bearizona like a NASCAR
Spreading to the veins of the youth like we cancer

Somewhere in Japan with a dime piece
Sushi with the sake, the brain was kamikaze
(?) my style B (?) of convicts
We ain't committing crimes man, man they show me how to grind

(?) pour his fine wine, Chinese for the fine dime
Chicken wings and wontons are crucial when you're getting high
(?) nigga never called the cops
OGs that was on the block was the neighborhood watch

Henny with the soda pop (?) bending blocks
Watching as we work the clock, hoping they could get a drop
Never cause we keep incognito and that's (?)

Yeah, nigga
Yeah, nigga

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