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Post Malone - Yours Truly, Austin Post (Lyrics)



This that laid back, cool shit, speeding past a cruise ship
Left you in the past tense, bloody, need a new lip
Cool, wrist like alaska, 'cause it's icy tho
We could make you live a half-life like an isotope

I've been drinking alcohol, but i ain't talking isopropyl
Feel like I’m about to fall, them bags under my eyes are purple
Woah, floor getting slicker with every shot
Woah, why you got your britches in a knot?

It's the sicker spitter, hit a lick, and duck off in the dodge
'Cept i'm more than likely hoarding someone's blunt in a garage
In the midwest, yeah, it's all a front or a facade
Such a bummer to be awful at the only thing you got

But you managing it pretty well, vile with the flow
Think it's winterfell, wrist look like a pile of the snow
I don't kiss and tell, if she wanna fly out for a show
Then i come and then i go, 'cause I’m always on the road

Don't mistake it or hate it, made my plate out of waste
And went to the attic from basement, moving up in my placement
From depressed and complacement to "I'ma flex 'til i change it"
When no one knew what my name was, i still wrote page after page

I suppose that if i make it, then that's why
But i don't really wanna be that guy
Yeah, i don't wanna look like the bad guy
But most my competition on standby

So I'ma come thru and then kill and dig into beats
I brag about nothing but make that shit heat
They getting jealous when they listen to me
But speaking back'll get 'em ripped into pieces

Pennsylvia to the borderline
From east Manhattan to the torrey pines
I'm the central the topic like Florida time
And i'm passing if she only sorta fine

And that's that… yeah, fax, no printer shit
Finally got some bands but i don't act no different
Thinking 'bout the old days... bagged no mistresses
Was listening to Coldplay... yeah, don't mention it, whatever

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